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New garments - these are now being photographed
New Cards - 29 new cards uploaded - 18 more to go
Original Paintings for Sale
these are now being photographed
Various Handmade Wands
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All the items on these pages are made in the “old way”.

Not hurried or made “en masse”. 

Generally speaking there is only the one item.

Celtic, Medieval, Elfin, Faery (Faerie or Fairy) style Dresses for sacred ceremonies, weddings, handfastings etc. Beautifully handmade gowns for Arwen of Rivendell or Galadriel for Elf and Faerie alike. Ethereal & romantic. They are full of Medieval Fantasy inspired by The Lord of the Rings LOTR, made with more than just a Hint of Magic by the Elves themselves!

Cloaks for the discerning Elf, Faerie or other kin.

Other one off items such as coats, ponchos, tops and skirts.

Plusssssssss handmade cards for special occasions, but from a Faerie eye view.

Stickers for Faeries & Elves.

Poems for Faeries and Elves.

Small Gothic Style Paintings depicting the World of Fae.

Sacred Cards for healing Altars which are supported by the Faeries and Elves.

More things are created as they are needed, on the instruction of the guardians of the Human/Faery/Elf who is to receive it. 

Didn't you know, it was yours even before you saw it! 

These are tools for the Human Life you have agreed to take part in!

Blessings from the Moonlight Elves of the Land of Noswithintha.

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