An Elfin Tale

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  1. Life has many quirks. As an Elf experiencing a Human life, I can confirm that mine seems perhaps quirkier than many.
    Apart from the obvious contact with Humans and others like me in Human form, I also perceive other "consciousnesses" on a daily basis.  This actually happens to many, but they are not generally aware of this. 
    Some mistake it for a strange bodily sensation, and others just do not notice it at all unless it is very obvious. And then they argue it away.
    If you are aware and perhaps haven't time to listen to the "Unseen Beings" around you, you can get a rude awakening.  I was chatting to someone once about a dress that they wanted making. So intent was I on our conversation, that I ignored entirely, the Being that was trying to get my attention. Suddenly I got an incrediable blow in my solar plexes. Totally winded and to the astonishment of the girl I was talking to, I bent up double, gasping for breath with surprise all over my face.
    They are as physical as you and me, when needed.
    And not listening, when it is important, is not an option.