Elfin/Elven Readings

Elves are part of the whole. 

Cosmic Consciousnesses adrift 

in the Waters of the Divine Self

When I do Readings they are a little different. Please read on...


Any or all of the following information can come through:


Who you are as a Soul, what your mission is ie why you have come to Earth in this specific place and at this time. Where you have come from. What other lifetimes have played a part in your role this time

spiritual guidance on what might be blocking you and how to move forward.

Bring down attunements, with keys and codes for your further development.

transmit the vibrational frequencies through sound and The Old Soul language with words of empowerment. These sounds hold information encoded within in them.  They will either be ‘felt’ and known immediately or they will filter through your body, allowing changes to be deeper and more profound.  The Beings that work through Vivienne empower the individual in this incarnation to understand their true multi dimensional Self.  

These readings are not fortune telling.  They enable you to connect to your cosmic/natural consciousness and empower you to understand how amazing and immense you really are and why your soul is here.